Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Car Jacking

After I picked Theo up from nursery today I took him to Peel Park for a play.
He was very funny 'cause I didn't tell him where we were going so he spent the entire drive (about 20 mins 'cause I drove round and round looking for a car park (there isn't one)) asking where we were going.

When we got there we threw waterbird food to the ducks then went on for a walk to the play area. I have to admit the playthings weren't exactly suited to a 2 year old, there was a baby swing and a few wooden seat things on springs but the slide was very large and involved some complicated climbing to get to the top, no straightforward steps.
Anyway, while we were playing a young boy and his dad came in with Lightening McQueen (above). The boy left the car and went to play and Theo made a beeline for the car. I was in the process of stopping him but the man said he was fine to play so I let him climb in and I took a couple of photos. He figured out how to make it go and drove it into the climbing frame No damage though, phew

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