Saturday, 31 March 2007

A Social Life

An early post today 'cause I'm off out tonight - Wohoo

It was Lisa's birthday on Wednesday (cough26cough) so we're off to her house for a girly night in with far too much wine and takeaway, will have to put the diet on hold for the evening . I'm staying over too so I can have a drink without having to worry about driving, and I can have an uninterrupted nights sleep too. I'm leaving Adam at home to look after the boys.
Adam was away last night, he had a reunion drink with people he worked with at Binder Hamlyn. They do it every year and he drives down to stay in a hotel in Croydon for the night. I think they drink in a pub in central London but I wouldn't swear to it. He took Friday off work, we had a lay in then he left here at about 11. Apparently the traffic was bad in places so he didn't get there 'til about 20 past 4. Still plenty of time to relax, have a bath and eat before it's time to go out though.

He's actually just this minute pulled onto the drive after setting off at about 10 this morning. Theo is standing on the sofa watching him through the window saying 'Hi Daddy, Hi Daddy I missed you' aww. It's a pity Adam can't hear him because he is unlikely to say it directly to him for some reason.

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