Sunday, 10 October 2010

Is that normal behaviour?

The week before last I asked my husband if he had any plans to do any baking within the next few weeks. Not as random a question as you might think. It's my birthday this week and he has been known to gather the children and bake me a cake. Infact the year before last they made me a Nigella chocolate fudge cake which was to die for. I had to give some away though, there's only 4 of us here and I'm supposed to be dieting (have been for years, hmmm) so DH took some to work and DS1 took some to school to help.

This year a friend of mine who makes wedding / birthday cakes to order has started on the mini Christmas cakes that she will be selling later on in the year. In a fit of inspiration I asked if she'd be able to be me a large one (approx 3" sq) early. Happily she agreed and as she has over 100 cakes to make I wasn't expecting anything different to the standard (Orangey gold with a Christmas tree on it). I told DH I had ordered myself a birthday cake and his reply?

"Is that normal behaviour?"

What? You mean ordering your own birthday cake is not normal? Darn it, lol

Here it is, it's gorgeous isn't it? She added that lovely flower and a candle just for me. It's just the right size for all four of us to enjoy a slice each without there being too much to straying from the my diet, lol

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