Saturday, 13 November 2010

Productivity At Last

I finally cranked up the sewing machine this weekend and got some sewing done.

DH has gone down south to visit friends for the weekend (it's my turn next weekend) so my sewing machine has taken up residence on the kitchen table.  I spent Friday afternoon before the kids got home and Friday evening  (after a KFC dinner and a snuggling up in Mummy's bed movie night) piecing together fabric that has been cut for months.

Do you know when you're going so well you just want to get 'this bit' finished before bed?  Well that's how well it was going.  I got all the blocks pieced and sewn into rows but starting after 9pm meant I didn't get to bed 'til the wrong side of midnight!

I spent an hour after dinner piecing together the rows and I now have a completed quilt top ready to press.  I want to piece the back and piece in one of the labels I had printed up by the lovely people and Spoonflower.  Fortunately this should come together quickly as it'll be made up of a couple of large pieces af fabric plus some fancy twiddly bits and a label.

So here is the finished top.  It's a combination of Kona Solids (Sage, White & Red) and Cosmo Cricket's Cogsmo (Spaceships Aqua & Gears Aqua (white sashing), Stripes & Tossed Robots (red sashing), Sprockets Multi & Spaceships Tangerine (sage sashing))
TJ approves and is impressed with the size (about 6' x 4'), the last quilt I made him barely covers his lap now.  I can't remember where the pattern idea came from.  I know I saw another quilt with a similar pattern and fell in love so out came the squared paper and colouring pencils.  Obviously I tweaked the pattern to fit the size / layout I wanted.  For the technogeek that I am, you can't beat squared paper and coloured pencils for quilt planning.

Here's hoping the creativity continues, I have all but 1 lot of sashing cut for LJ's quilt and obviously both quilt backs.  LJ is having Riley Blake Allstar fabrics, photos will follow.

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