Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Sports Day

We did have a busy weekend this weekend, nursery sports day, Cleckheaton Folk Festival, Bradford Mela, clearing the garden of the 5 foot weeds and some client work too.

As it turned out the nursery sports day was cancelled. We didn't know that until after we turned up at the rec and found no-one there except a couple of other parents & children looking a bit lost. I texted a neighbour whose children also go to the same nursery to ask if she'd heard anything on Friday (Theo only goes Monday & Tuesday) and it turns out it had been cancelled due to the weather, but she only knew because she'd asked, they hadn't volunteered the information. Grr

Anyway, the weather was actually quite nice and we hadn't told Theo where we were going so he just thought we'd gone to the rec to play, they have swings and a slide and stuff there, so we stayed and had a play.

Louis watched on as Adam and Theo played on the swing

When we got home Theo called for the little boy next door and they played out front for a bit. Charlie came out of his house with what looked like his mums exercise equipment, an exercise ball and a trampoline. Not sure mum would have been too impressed if she'd seen but the boys were happy playing with them.

I think Theo knows me too well. He was playing out and I was stood in the doorway messing around with my camera. I called his name, planning on telling him to stay off the road and he just turned around, grinned at me and said 'cheeese'

Well so much for the busy weekend anyway. Adam cleared the garden but the sports day and the Mela have both been cancelled due to the weather and after looking at the timetable for the Cleckheaton Folk Festival, we should have gone today as there's nothing on that we want to see or do tomorrow. Well at least the client work will get done. And if the weather holds off Adam seems to think we can have a play at putting the tent up inthe now clear garden, although I still don't think it'll fit. I'm going to get him to measure the garden before we even take the tent out of the bag me thinks.

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