Thursday, 5 July 2007

Shrek the Third

We took Theo (and Louis) to the cinema this evening to watch Shrek the Third.

We very nearly didn't get there though. Theo has been having a bad day with his toilet training and I was fast running out of clothes to put him in (as we were at Sheila's all day so only had the spare clothes I took with me). Add to that the fact the he threw a paddy when it was time to come home and I very nearly phoned Adam, who was meeting us at the cinema, and told him not to bother.

We went for the 6pm showing, arrived at the cinema for 5.30 and got hotdogs all round for dinner before Theo's first trip on the 'moving stairs' (escalator to you and me) up to the screens. We all happily tucked into our hotdogs whilst waiting for the adverts to finish and Theo discovered the popcorn and a liking for diet Pepsi (not good). Louis watched the adverts while he had his milk then slept through the film.

The film was well worth the £££ of a trip to the cinema. Not as good as the first two in my humble opinion but still a very entertaining evening . Now I NEED a donkeydragon.

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