Sunday, 1 July 2007

I thought camping was supposed to be 'budget' holidays

We went tent shopping this afternoon. Well we went this morning, had a look around the shop then retired to the local hostelry for food and a bevvy before going back to the camping shop and spending an astronomical amount of money!!

The plan was to drive into Halifax where there are a couple of camping shops with tent showrooms, have a look around at the erected tents, rather than just the pictures you get to see on the websites, then go away and order online.

Adam had been chatting and researching tents at work so he already had an idea of what we wanted, the Vango Colorado 800DLX was at the top of the list. An 8 person tent with living area for around the £230 mark. We had a look at the 600 version and were impressed , well I was anyway. Adam wasn't too keen on the fact that the groundsheet wasn't sewn in so we had a look at the other tents they had on display. Theo had a great time climbing in and out of all of the tents on display. He even wanted me to go home and get his readybed and pyjamas so he could go to sleep.

After spending ages looking at all the tents and having a nice long chat with a member of staff we decided to go for the Vango Diablo 600xp, it's got 2 3 person bedrooms and a living area but as we're all short people we'll all 4 fit into one bedroom, leaving the other for luggage.

So, tent decided upon, we had a look at other bits and bobs we needed (seeing as the nice man in the shop said we could have 10% off accessories we bought) a stove, table, sleeping bag and liner for Theo, kettle, pans and a couple of lamps. I think that was everything, still came to faaar too much money though, now I just hope we have a good holiday.

Next job. Find somewhere big enough to pitch the tent so we can have a practice before we go away. It's too big for our garden LOL

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