Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Craft Update

There has been a distinct lack of blog posting here so I thought I'd treat you to a crafty update.

Firstly I received this gorgeous quilt from Kelly (Redcleo) for the Doll Quilt 9 swap over on Flickr.

Not only did she send me this quilt but some VERY generous 'scraps' of Joel Dewberry fabric that I've been lusting over, 2 packs of gift cards and a magnetic notepad for my fridge.

I spent the last two weeks putting together two fabric Dollhouses as per the UK lass US tutorial for a couple of birthday presents. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the first one, it was a bit of a tight schedule. This second one was going to be a dollhouse too but after I consulted the birthday girls parents it became a garage. It's great that it's so easy to adapt the pattern :-).

Finally, here is the finished quilt I posted off to my Doll Quilt Swap partner. I had plans to include some other handmade goodies but I was late enough just getting this out :-(
I don't think I'm going to bother even trying to sign up for DQS10. I had a really great time playing this round and round 8 but I've posted out late both times and this round I just couldn't keep up with the chatter on the Flickr groups. And to be honest the amount of re iterating of the rules (and the amount of rules) irritated me. Saying that, I feel like a teenager rebelling at rules just because they're there, despite the fact that I obviously need them as I'm fairly sure I was one of very few (if not the only one) to post out late this round. It's not fair on the other particpants and my partner, not to play by the rules so from here on in I shall be watching (and maybe chatting a little) rather than taking part.

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