Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Where did the time go? It's Wednesday already and I've been meaning to post on here since last Friday. I've backdated a few posts so hopefully it doesn't look like I've been slacking lol.

I've put myself on a diet (again!) Cutting out all the between meals rubbish, you know, biscuits and choclate etc. Next step is to make sure the meals I eat are healthy and not too fatty then once I stop loosing weight doing that then it's time to start paying someone and do the proper diet thing. I'm thinking about Rosemary Conley, you do an exercise class at weight in too, rather than just turning up to be weighed and spoken at.

This is my weight loss monitor. The first glass contains 1 pasta shell for each lb I weigh. The ribbon is a rough indicator of my target and the second glass contains 1 shell for each lb I've lost since I started this. So watch this space, I may post another pic when I'm a bit closer to my target :D

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