Sunday, 6 June 2010

Birthday Gifts

These are my latest projects. My niece turns 13 today and she's very much a goth (or Emo, not entirely sure about the distinction) and Twilight fan so rather than the usual tenner in a card I thought I would make her something for her birthday.

I think this is Alexander Henry fabric but I'm not entirely sure as I bought it off Ebay. My Thursday was all about sewing these up and TJ kindly obliged by keeping himself occupied or sitting in the kitchen chatting and watching me sew.

Two clutch bags and a laptop case later (all courtesy of Oh Fransson patterns) we just needed to add a couple of pieces of Goth jewellery that Adam found and the gift was ready.

We delivered the gifts yesterday at her birthday BBQ and they appeared to be well received. Adam explained what the laptop case was for and DRH announced that it was going to be her new schoolbag instead :D

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