Saturday, 14 June 2008

Birthday Boy

Here are a few photos from Theo's birthday.

Showing off his new skateboard and pads (note mummy put the wrist pads on backwards, Doh)

Trying out the new high teck Web Blaster

And playing on the bicycle that the Birthday Fairy left in the boot of Daddy's car!

We had a really good day today. Funnily enough it was an early start lol. We could hear Theo outside our bedroom door telling Louis to open it and wake us up :D

Naturally we started with opening pressies and it was a job and a half to slow him down and get him to open his cards too so we could keep a track of what came from who, ready for the thank you cards later. He was very impressed with the presents he received. As was I, his friends were all very generous :D

Lets see if I can find the list

George - Ben10 watch
Jack & Hannah - Skateboard & pads
Chloe & Jake - Spiderman Sleeping bag / overnight kit
Alfie - Spiderman Web Blaster
Charlie & Ruby - Jump Rocket, Hotweels & Pirate Book
Rebecca & Isobel - Board games & Scooby Doo Pen
Ezra & Seth - Ten Tiny Tadpoles Book
Robin & Isabel - T Shirt
Pippa & Charlie - Buzz Bubble Blower
Jess - SportacusJack - Moster Surgery & Phat Wheels
Mummy, Daddy & Louis (via Birthday fairy) - Ben10 watch, binoculars, Spiderman DVD, tube of cars, bicycle & helmet

Doesn't that sound like a very generous bunch of friends? I think so.

Anyway, after pressies Theo & Daddy made a birthday fruit cake (with chocolate chips ?!?) whilst Louis & I did a bit of shopping. Then it was time to go swimming. Theo had a very good swimming lesson, he did his froggy arms and legs very well.

Daddy and Louis met us after swimming and we drove to Yeadon Tarn where Theo discovered the bicycle that the Birthday Fairy had left in Daddy's car boot. A quick ride around the car park to get used to what he was doing then we were off around the Tarn for a walk. It was amazing to watch how nervous and wobbly he was on the way out, even to the point of getting off and walking at the slightest incline. To how happy and confident he was on the way back after only half and hour ish. He rode quite happily over the inclines he'd gotten off for on the way out.

The day was nicely rounded off with a fish and chip supper. Birthdays like this I can handle.

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