Thursday, 24 January 2008

Birthday Boy

It's Louis' 1st birthday today. Admittedly we've not done much, considering it's only a few weeks since Christmas (is that all, it feels like months!) when he got loads of pressies I don't think he'll mind if we do pressies later in the year. Besides, we're having a bit of a celebration tomorrow, not much just me, Theo, Louis, my friend Tina and her 2, Jack and Hannah, who are about the same age as Theo and Louis.

Yay, something I can bash

Look Mummy, lollypops

Oi! Daaad, he's nicking my pressie

We've had a good day today I think. Apart from grocery shopping this morning, Louis and I have been playing all day, just crawling around the floor after each other or using mummy as a climbing frame (all be it one that tickles you) He's also had another go at standing himself up unaided. He did it about a week ago (15th), all pleased with himself and the applause and praise he got from us he just did it all evening. Unfortunately he ended up with a bruise on his bottom and hasn't done it since, apart from today that is.

Up, two, three, four

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