Friday, 7 December 2007

Domestic Goddess. Ha ha

I am sooo annoyed with myself.

Anyone who knows me will know I am no domestic Goddess rofl but today I had a bout of domesticity. I did two loads of washing, put dinner in the slow cooker and updated my shopping list for a recipie I wanted to make for pud tonight. All this before taking the boys to the local playgym at 10am. All good so far.

(OMG Theo just put smiley face stamps in Louis' hair!!!) :D:D:D

After playing at the playgym we went shopping, did the weekly shop plus the extras for this evenings gastronomical delights. We got home and packed away all the shopping, checked on the dinner in the slow cooker and made a start on making pud, bread pudding.

Now, bearing in mind I've never made it but I LOVE eating it (all you fellow WWers - I wasn't planning on eating any of it myself, honest!) I was following a recipie.

I thought I was doing sooo well until I asked Adam to come and check the oven to see if he thought it was cooked yet. He prodded it with a fork a few times then asked me how many eggs I put in it

I forgot to add the bl00dy eggs!! I am soo cross and dissappointed with myself. I KNEW the recipie called for eggs, I even bought extra because of it. I just forgot to put them in!

Sorry guys, just had to get that off my chest.

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