Wednesday, 18 October 2006

History Matters

Someone posted on a forum that I use about a national project to record the everyday lives of ordinary people on one day in history and then to make this available to all to view.

The idea is that as many people as possible go to the website and ...

Make history with us on 17 October [2006] by taking part in the biggest blog in history.
'One Day in History' is a one off opportunity for you to join in a mass blog for the national record. We want as many people as possible to record a 'blog' diary which will be stored by the British Library as a historical record of our national life.

This is my entry. I'm not actually sure if it made it onto the site as when I submitted it I was just returned to the entry page with red prompts all over telling me to make sure I'd filled out all the boxes.

It’s Tuesday today so I’ve been to pick up my mum today, taken her to get her money then taken her to get her weekly shopping.

It’s the first time I’ve had to take her shopping as well as to get her money, and with her in the supermarket wheelchair and me pushing the trolley with 2 yr old son in the hot seat it was very frustrating. Mum wheeling round and stopping where she likes, not noticing (or is that just not bothering) that she’s blocking the aisle and getting in people’s way and darling son playing up and emptying my handbag into the trolley. Mum announcing ‘can you just get me one of those’ then whizzing off leaving me to figure out ‘one of what?’ whilst defending my handbag from the child and mopping up spilled juice with a non existent tissue (why did I leave the tissues in the car? Grr).

Needless to say, it was not fun. Add to that the fact that I’m 25 weeks pregnant, hormonal and have a surprisingly short fuse at the moment and it was all just a barrel of laughs. Roll on next weeks shopping trip. Yay

I had planned on coming home for lunch but we ended up staying at mums and having fish & chips, very nutritional.

We finally got home about 2.30pm. Darling son had fallen asleep in the car on the 30 minute journey home so I carried him upstairs to the living room and laid him on the sofa where he slept until I woke him at 5pm!! That’s very unusual for him, he doesn’t usually do afternoon naps these days (especially since I need them now).

I spent the afternoon catching up on online message boards I frequent, reading a magazine, doing some online window shopping (that’s browsing around online shops in general, not shopping for windows) and generally pottering about until it was time to wake the child. It was a very pleasant couple of hours.

Now tonight is my night for meeting my friend and supposedly practicing our Level 2 British Sign Language, but I have to admit, we usually end up talking all night instead (can’t do that in sign language fast enough yet LOL). So husband phones to say he’s stuck in traffic in Pudsey so he’ll be late home. As it turns out, he’s still home in time for me to go out to play. This week we’re off to the pub as my friend is leaving her husband at home to decorate. We had a good night in the pub, a quick 15 minutes going over what was learned in class on Monday then the rest of the evening gassing about allsorts.

Darling husband let me take his shiny new (2 weeks old) Jaguar X Type tonight so I could show it off but I pranged it!! Eek!! I was stone cold sober, honest (pregnant lady here remember). I misjudged the corner as I pulled out of the carpark and bashed the passenger side door on the wall. Oops. Good job it’s a company car. I’m still not sure he’s going to let me forget that one in a while. He still ribs me about the time I reversed his car into a (dark blue) bollard in an unlit area of a Tesco’s carpark, at night, when it was raining, and that was over four years ago.

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